Petsmart Hours: Everything You Need to Know About Store Timings and Availability

Regular Store Hours: Find out when Petsmart stores are typically open to the public.

Are you wondering about the regular store hours of Petsmart? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Petsmart’s opening and closin…

Regular Store Hours: Find out when Petsmart stores are typically open to the public.

Are you wondering about the regular store hours of Petsmart? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Petsmart’s opening and closing times. Whether you are a pet owner, looking to restock pet supplies, or considering adopting a new furry friend, knowing the store hours is crucial for planning your visit.

Petsmart’s Commitment to Convenience

Petsmart recognizes that pet care is a 24/7 responsibility, and as such, they strive to offer convenient operating hours to cater to their customers’ needs. With over 1,600 locations across North America, Petsmart is readily accessible to pet owners.

Regular Store Hours

Petsmart’s regular store hours may vary slightly between locations, but the majority of stores adhere to a standard operating schedule. Typically, Petsmart stores open their doors at 9:00 AM local time and close at 9:00 PM. These hours provide ample time for pet owners to shop for essentials after work or on weekends.

Extended Hours During Holidays and Special Events

Petsmart understands that holidays and special occasions often require extra attention and care for pets. To accommodate customers during these times, some Petsmart locations offer extended hours.

During major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, Petsmart stores may extend their regular hours. It is recommended to contact your local Petsmart store or visit their website closer to these holidays for precise information regarding the extended hours.

Additional Services Beyond Regular Store Hours

In addition to regular store hours, Petsmart offers various services and programs that extend beyond the typical operating schedule.

  • PetsHotel: For pet owners who require overnight boarding or daycare services, Petsmart’s PetsHotel operates around the clock. This service ensures your beloved pets receive the care they need, even during unconventional hours.
  • Grooming Salon: Petsmart’s Grooming Salon also operates beyond regular store hours, providing professional grooming services to keep your pets looking and feeling their best.

How to Find the Store Hours

Want to confirm Petsmart store hours for your local branch? It’s effortless!

Visit the official Petsmart website and navigate to the store locator section. Enter your zip code or city and state to find the nearest Petsmart location. The search results will display the store hours, making it easy to plan your visit accordingly.

At Petsmart, you can trust that their regular and extended store hours are designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring that both you and your pets receive the support you need and deserve.

So, next time you need pet supplies or wish to explore the wide range of products and services offered at Petsmart, rest assured knowing their regular store hours provide ample opportunity to cater to your needs!

Holiday and Special Event Hours at Petsmart

Are you planning to visit Petsmart during the holidays or special events? Knowing the operating hours of your local Petsmart store can save you time and ensure that you can get everything you need for your beloved pets. At Petsmart, we understand the importance of providing our customers with convenient shopping hours, even during festive seasons.

Why Should You Check Holiday and Special Event Hours?

During holidays and special events, Petsmart may have adjusted operating hours to accommodate the increased foot traffic and demand. By checking the holiday and special event hours in advance, you can avoid any inconvenience and make the most out of your shopping experience.

Discover the Operating Hours at Petsmart

At Petsmart, we have made it easy for you to find the operating hours for your local store during holidays and special events. Here are a few ways you can access this information:

  • In-Store: When you visit your nearest Petsmart store, you can find flyers or signage at the entrance or customer service desk displaying the holiday and special event hours.
  • Online: Our official website features a store locator tool that allows you to find and select your preferred store. Once you have selected your store, you can access the dedicated page for that location which includes the regular hours and any adjustments for holidays or special events.
  • Mobile App: If you prefer accessing information on the go, you can download our Petsmart mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Within the app, you can search for your local store and find the holiday and special event hours conveniently.

Shopping Convenience at Petsmart

At Petsmart, we prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of our valued customers. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, or any other special events, we strive to provide you with unparalleled service. Our highly trained and friendly staff are always available to assist you, even during busy times.

From high-quality pet food and treats to toys, accessories, and grooming services, Petsmart has everything you need to keep your beloved pets happy and healthy. By checking and planning your visit based on our holiday and special event hours, you can make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

So, next time you plan to visit Petsmart during holidays or special events, be sure to check our operating hours in advance. We value your time and want to ensure that you have a positive experience every time you visit our stores.

Visit us today and experience the convenience of shopping at Petsmart!

Store Location Regular Hours Holiday and Special Event Hours
123 Main St, City Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm
Sun: 10am-6pm
Christmas Eve: 9am-5pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Year’s Day: 11am-6pm
Thanksgiving Day: Closed
456 Elm St, Town Mon-Sun: 8am-8pm Christmas Eve: 8am-4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Year’s Day: 10am-5pm
Thanksgiving Day: Closed

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Timings: Learn about the available options for shopping at Petsmart during certain hours, such as curbside pickup and delivery services.

Are you a pet owner looking for convenient ways to get your pet supplies without having to leave your home? Petsmart offers a variety of options to make your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible. In this article, we’ll explain the different timings for curbside pickup and delivery services at Petsmart, ensuring that you can get the products you need when you need them.

Curbside Pickup:

Petsmart’s curbside pickup service allows you to place an order online and pick it up at your nearest store without even entering the store. This service is especially useful if you’re in a rush or prefer to avoid browsing inside the store.

Curbside pickup timings at Petsmart are designed to accommodate various schedules, allowing you to choose a convenient time to collect your items. Typically, Petsmart offers curbside pickup during their regular store hours, which may vary depending on the location. Therefore, it’s important to check the specific timings of your nearby Petsmart store by visiting their website or contacting them directly.

During the curbside pickup process, you’ll need to provide your contact information, vehicle details, and the order number to notify the store of your arrival. Petsmart’s dedicated team members will then bring your order to your vehicle at the designated pickup area, ensuring a quick and efficient experience.

Delivery Services:

If you prefer to have your pet supplies delivered directly to your doorstep, Petsmart offers reliable and timely delivery services. Petsmart’s delivery options are designed to cater to different needs, ensuring that you have a stress-free shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

The delivery timings for Petsmart can vary based on your location and the availability of their delivery partners. However, Petsmart strives to provide options that suit various schedules, ensuring that you receive your order when it’s most convenient for you.

To learn more about Petsmart’s delivery services and their specific timings, it’s recommended to visit their website. By entering your location, you’ll be able to view the estimated delivery timings and any potential restrictions or charges that may apply.


With the availability of curbside pickup and delivery services at Petsmart, shopping for pet supplies has never been easier. By offering convenience and flexibility, Petsmart ensures that pet owners can access the products they need while avoiding unnecessary trips to the store. Whether you prefer the convenience of curbside pickup or the peace of mind that comes with home delivery, Petsmart has got you covered.

  • Curbside pickup timings are usually during regular store hours, varying by location.
  • Delivery services aim to offer convenient options based on your location and availability.
  • For more information, visit Petsmart’s website to determine specific delivery timings and any restrictions that may apply.

Start making your pet supply shopping experience hassle-free by taking advantage of Petsmart’s curbside pickup and delivery services. Choose what works best for you and enjoy the convenience of getting your pet supplies right when you need them!

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