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Write for empowered moms at home

Do you also love writing but don’t have the platform yet to showcase your skills? Or do you simply have stories to tell about your journey to living your passion and chasing your dreams, despite the messy everyday lives of being a stay-at-home mom? Then this page is for you!

To pitch your stories or articles for “Empowered Moms at Home”, please read carefully the submission guidelines below:

UPDATE (December 11, 2020): We are not accepting guest posts at the moment as we are currently redesigning our website. Thank you!

  1. Topics of your articles can fall into any of these categories: practical tips, personal insights or opinions, inspirational stories, or empowering articles. 
      • Practical tips – Articles under this category should share useful tips for stay-at-home moms (or moms in general) such as managing time, dealing with picky-eaters, handling sibling rivalry, budgeting, and so on. It could also be about anything as long as it helps our jobs more manageable as stay-at-home moms. Articles with titles such as “10 Tips on How to…” are not necessarily required but are well-favored. 
      • Personal insights and opinions – Topics in this category focuses on your experiences as a stay-at-home mom, whether they are the mistakes that you did, realizations and lessons you have learned, or your particular view on topics related to being a stay-at-home mom (such as depression). But remember: we don’t separate ourselves from working moms. We are all moms at the end of the day, so please don’t discuss topics that might offend working moms. Everyone’s entitled of course to their own opinions, but stories or articles that are potentially offensive will not be accepted in this blog. 
      • Inspirational stories – Do you run a successful online business while still managing your household? Do you actively participate in voluntary programs in your community or church organization, despite your hectic daily routine at home? In this section is where you can share your personal stories about how you are fighting off the obstacles of being a stay-at-home to follow your heart’s desire. Being a stay-at-home while also doing things we are passionate about is indeed tough! But there’s always a way to make this a reality, despite the struggles of course. Let’s inspire other stay-at-home moms that they can, too. 
      • Empowering articles – Okay, so here comes the core of this blog’s mission: to empower stay-at-home moms to be the best of what they can possibly be. A blogger, a writer, a baker, an entrepreneur – the list goes on and on of what we can be while still raising our kids hands-on. It’s never easy as we know, but that doesn’t make it impossible. So share your success stories and let’s encourage one another to reach greater heights. 
  2. Tone and style – We love articles that we can relate to and are fun to read, so your tone and style should be friendly and conversational. Personal anecdotes are also highly favored. Ask questions. Add humor if you can. Read other posts from the blog or subscribe to its weekly newsletter for samples. 
  3. Word count – Your articles can be between 1000 to 1500 words. In some cases, you can write as much as 2450 words if your topic is what everyone’s searching about. 
  4. Submission – You can e-mail your pitch at jklegaspi [at] empoweredmomsathome [dot] com with the subject: “I’d like to be your guest writer”. In the body of your e-mail, mention the title of the topic you wish to write about, but don’t submit your article yet. Once your topic had been accepted, you’ll receive an e-mail requesting for your article. Add a short description about yourself, and send your best photo if you like. The date of publication of your article will depend on the blog’s editorial calendar, but you will be advised once your article is published. Please allow me to respond to you maximum within a week.
  5. Rights to your article – I don’t pay yet for submitted articles, but as much as possible, you are kindly requested not to publish your article to any other platform once it’s been published in this blog. It’ll be highly appreciated, I promise you.