Babywearing Saves the Day

Babywearing Saves the Day | Guest Post

Have you tried babywearing, or is wondering what it’s all about? Find out how babywearing turned out to be an empowerment tool for a stay-at-home mom like Mommy Paola. She also shares valuable information about babywearing for some of you who haven’t tried it yet. 

I wish I knew earlier about babywearing when I had Serena.

Babywearing isn’t just about being a baby carrier and it’s not just worn when you’re going out. There are more benefits beyond that.

Serena and I were always left alone in the house while everybody’s at work. Taking care of a baby as a first time mom was a struggle especially when it comes to taming her when she cries. There were several times I got sick because of exhaustion.

As a newborn, Serena’s behavior was unpredictable. She became irritable as weeks go by especially at night when she’s colicky. Swaddling to comfort her simply didn’t work.

In the morning, it was very difficult to get something to eat whenever I get hungry or take a bath when there’s no one else to hold the baby. I could only relax a little bit at night when my husband finally comes home from work.

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

Fortunately, my mother bought me a ring sling to end the agony. Tutorial videos on YouTube helped me how to use it. It’s also a dual purpose since I can use it as a cover when I breastfeed my baby outside.

Serena loved the ring sling. The first time I put her in it, she became calm and fell asleep quickly. I continued using it until she was 2 months old before I switched to a soft structured carrier (SSC) when she turned 3 months old.

The proper ways to use a baby carrier

My research about babywearing didn’t stop to make sure I was doing it right. The acronym TICKS became my guideline to know if I am wearing my baby properly. According to Baby Sling Safety UK, TICKS stand for the following:

T: Tight but comfortable for the both of you

I: In view at all times

C: Close enough to kiss

K:  Keep baby’s chin off her chest 

S: Supported back

The benefits of babywearing

The benefits of babywearing were also unbelievable. According to the Babywearing International organization, babywearing often result in the following:

1. Happy babies. It is said that carried babies cry less, therefore resulting in happier babies.

2. Healthy babies especially for those who are premature and with special needs.

3. Confident parents. Carrying your baby let you easily know his needs since he’s closer to you.

4. Loving caregivers. Babywearing is also said to create an exceptional bond between you and the baby.

5. Comfort and convenience. Carrying your baby allows you to do multiple tasks, like what I usually do whenever I carry mine.

The myths about babywearing

While there are benefits, Smart Parenting stated some myths about babywearing that are also important to know.

1. Babywearing spoils your baby and becomes dependent on you.

2. Babywearing makes your baby bow-legged.

3. Babywearing causes hip dysplasia; that is why it is very important to choose the right carrier that supports the legs and hips of the baby. Narrow-based carriers are a big no-no!

4. Babywearing causes arched back among babies.

Advocates of baby wearing do not support or promote any particular brand of a carrier because it is best to know first the safety and comfort of the baby before buying one.

I’m glad that I was able to join breastfeeding groups that also advocates babywearing as it is also best to be surrounded by people who give you the correct information. 

I hope my story will inspire others, and would serve as an inspiration to help in normalizing babywearing because I experienced how beautiful it is.

Indeed, babywearing saves my day.

Paola Gaabucayan-Ubanan

About Mommy Paola Gaabucayan-Ubanan

“I’m a first-time (stay-at-home) mom to a nine-month-old baby, and breastfeeding, babywearing, and ‘Tamang Kain‘ advocate.”

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16 thoughts on “Babywearing Saves the Day”

  1. I have always heard so many great things about babywearing. Unfortunately, I’m only 5 feet tall so I was limited in how much I could hold/carry. It probably would’ve made my life so much easier, especially on camping trips!

  2. I throughly enjoyed wearing my babies! I tried a normal carrier when my daughter was first born, but after seeing and buying a wrap, we both enjoyed it more!

  3. I think I wore my babies more than I actually carried them! Baby wearing was the ultimate life and time saver for me! I miss carry thing them like that now!

  4. Baby wearing made having a third baby easier, but I always felt bad because he sweat all of the time. Perhaps it would have been different if her were a December baby instead of a June baby.

  5. paola gaabucayan-ubanan

    Thank you everyone for appreciating my personal story about babywearing, hope you’ll also help share its wonders to other moms who haven’t tried it☺

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